Florida Fruits – Try And Change Your Mind!

Florida is very well-known for its citrus, and there are also several other types of veggies and fruits in this land. You might have chance to see 3 things about the list below. Initially, several seasons are the opposite of what those in more northern states, as the summer would be always excessively hot for many crops. Besides, several types of produce would be gradually grown and harvested all over the year. And finally, the list includes a lot of very tasty, yummy and good-for-health tropical fruits.

1. Lychee

Lychee, Litchi chinensis, was first introduced into Hawaii 100 years ago but has been cultivated in China for nearly 4,000 years. Peeled before eaten, the fruit is whitish colored, as seen on the right.
Photo by Peggy Greb.

  • Other names:Mamoncillo chino
  • Best for:Fresh
  • Where it grows:South Florida
  • Season:Late spring/early summer

Lychee is a fruit that is likeable from the initial taste. Bright red shaped (in some varieties, amber), oval-, about 1 inch wide by 1.5 inch long. The fruit is covered by soft, tiny, and spiky

Inside, the flesh is whitish-translucent.

The skin of lychee is an inedible protective and you can try using your teeth a lot with a luscious flavor and melting, soft texture similar to a great grape. Besides, you need to spit out the seeds and remember never swallow the flesh. In fact, this is actually among the very wonderful Florida fruits you should try once!

2. Guava

  • Other names:Guayaba
  • Best for:smoothies, fresh
  • Where it grows:South, Central Florida
  • Season:Mostly summer to fall; occasional fruits any time of year

Guavas are actually very diverse, with the smallest types just around 1 inchin diameter, and some up to five inches across. The skin is maroon, yellow, or green when ripe with every shade in between and white to red flesh. Some varieties have a strong musky fragrance, and others have no or little scent at all. Several types of guava have sweet and complex aroma – a fragrance so rich and heavy that merely sniffing a guava fruit is similar to sipping a thick smoothie with many blended fruits. The flavor is a rich, creamy texture paired with the strawberries’ reminiscent. In fact, this is also one of the most amazingly healthy fruits that can come with the best mind.

3. Canistel

The last one among the best Florida fruits that people should not look down or miss is canistel!

  •        Other names: Eggfruit, fruta de huevo, yellow sapote
  •        Best for:  dessert, pies, smoothies, fresh
  •        Where it grows: South Florida
  •        Season: Winter–spring, occasional fruits all around the year

Imagine a fruit with a bright-yellow, dense, creamy, rich flesh that comes with the taste similar to pumpkin pie with cheesecake in the middle — except a fruity, healthful version of ultra-rich foods.

Native to Central America, this fruit is yellow-orange, with the shape ranging from elongated with a pointy bottom tip, flattened to rounded like a tomato.

Nurseries are promoting newer types of this fruit that have moister flesh, so these fruits should be popularly sold in markets.

This article comes here and stays with readers aiming to provide a short list of the best healthy Florida fruits and why people should try them. Read and have your own plan trying these!