Drawing by KIM SMITH

So after work today, I headed out to the Food Truck Frenzy taking place at the Village Commons Plaza to try some tasty eats (and do grocery shopping I should’ve already done). This post is more about the food truck fest and less of what I bought as groceries.  I know, you were just dying to find out, touch your nose.

I arrived approx 6:30pm and parking was a little hard to find, had to drive up and down the lot a few times before finding someone who was leaving.  By the time I left though (7:30pm?), parking was readily available.

Went and picked up some cash from Publix since I was purty sure most places would be cash only and I headed off to the area that was barricaded off (think more towards where Outback used to be).  The weather was chilly; a crisp curl my toes mid 60s. When I saw Feverish Ice Cream truck, I didn’t even think to try any of their items but do plan on doing so another time (think Mimosa, root-beer, Mai Tai Popsicle, etc).  What I did try were two empanadas, $2.50 each, from Tango Grill (one Colombian & the other Argentinian).  Loved the crust especially on the Columbian empanada, which is made with masarepa and was nice and crispy.  The filling though I found to be lacking in flavor… kind of like the dough on both out-shined the meaty interior, which is a no-bueno in my book.

While waiting for my order to be prepared, I walked around a bit and landed on Mangia Mia, where I picked up some tasty meatballs in a tomato sauce & served with grated parmesan and a side of garlic bread (which I asked them to keep, since I didn’t want to waste it), $8.

While that was prepping, I picked up my empanadas, refer to earlier comment about munch satisfaction… I’d gotten ahead of myself.

To tell you a bit of the atmosphere, music was playing, people were mingling, and I was eating.  So focused was I on eating that picture-taking was a mere afterthought when my belly was purring with contentment and I was staring down at the half eaten empanada I had left.  Oh well, you live and you learn… pictures before belly.

There were a few trucks that stood out (post-satiation) that I feel I should definitely check out next time: Slow Food Truck (for the Short Rib and Dip sandwich & also their Cuban Cowboy sandwich) and Palate Party for the Crab Taco.

Additionally, being from the Caribbean *cough* Haiti *cough* and on the lookout for “good” jerk food… I’m looking to try Out of Many… a local food truck specializing in Jamaican fare. They don’t have an online presence yet, but you can contact Haiz at (954) 701-2955, Damian at (954) 206-7058 or e-mail them at outofmanyfoods@gmail.com

Well that’s it you guys… there’s your review.  Or as we say in “Krenglish” (sp)… “Épi that’s it”!

If you’re looking for the original post concerning this event which contains such juicy tidbits as who, what, when, where… today’s your lucky day!